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Inspiration for solving 
complex challenges in
movement, exercise & life.

Outdoor Practice

A thoughtful approach
to the mind & body.

Tools for the complex physical, mental, emotional, spiritual being you are.

From yoga to
whole person health.

The art & science of
exercise & movement.

The Art & Science
of Exercise & Movement

 “I think that you are meticulous and care a great deal about your subject, which signifies quality. And I think you can effectively transmit ideas, experiences and information to someone else.  I am learning a lot.  More than I expected to. And it's not just the physical conditioning.  It's not just learning how to do a few pull ups.  It's also a mental remodeling. I'm starting to get a glimmer of this world you live in.  It's an entire world - the same as when I got into therapeutic touching.  I feel seen and cared about."


 “Your support and belief in me, as well as your style and techniques, have made a profound impact. You are excellent at what you do. I am truly grateful for all you taught me over these past years.”

Avatar 99

Dr. Shel N, M.D.
Family Physician (retired)
Clinical Associate Professor

Faculty of Medicine
Vancouver, Canada

"I have had the opportunity and privilege of having Nathan Schechter in my Nonviolent Communication Practice Group.  He consistently provides focus to the group that enhances group dynamics.  His real time examples, experiences and facilitation, provides thoughtful and therapeutic real time changes.  I highly recommend working with Nathan to accomplish Compassionate Communication in our journey and Language of Life."  

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